Fall Into Fall

Fall into fall with an open heart and an open mind. Recharge and Challenge your workouts this fall. My focus for fall for myself and I hope for you is to switch up your work outs. Staying on top of your fitness goals sometimes means to be open to trying different workouts. This is a great way to stay challenged and encourage new growth. It is also great for the mind and a great way to confuse muscle.

This Fall, the schedule is filled with lots of styles of dance and new instructors to keep your mind and body energized and sweaty!!! What an amazing feeling and high that you feel after a dance class. So, do you think you can dance? You should give all the dance styles a try! The teachers are awesome.

Yoga…WOW! I am so grateful to have these most amazing ladies at the studio. Fall into Fall Yoga. Nourish your soul. Take a breathe, Be in your body, and work. Being healthy and strong starts on the inside. As with dance. Try them all. Mix it up. You are in the best of hands.

This fall open up and test yourself, by stepping out of your comfort zone, by trying and learning new fitness activities and finding that place where you are excited and want to push your body, mind, and spirit to an elevated level. Be Inspired!

In health and peace,